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Guest Bathroom Remodel

Project 1

Completely remodeled bathroom in Orange, CA

Country kitchen remodel

Project 2

Completely reconfigured and remodeled kitchen and adjacent laundry and living room, creating an open plan, with plenty  of counter space for food prep and baking.

Craftsman kitchen remodel

Project 3

1960s kitchen/dining room remodeled into an expansive kitchen with Craftsman elements.

Words of thanks

It's been a pleasure to have you guys work on our house. We are impressed with Gordon's craftmanship, Glenn's amazing handywork and your tasteful eyes for so many things was an unbeatable combination. Best part was the professionalism from all of you. Based on the work that was previously done, we knew that the guys can do quality work, but your advice was an unexpected bonus. You guys should talk up Monica's contribution to the team for your future clientèle in my opinion. :-)

-Peter K

Words can not express how thankful we are for rewiring our house and installing the new electrical panel. We are assured that our young children are safe.

-Ryan P

Thank you for remodeling all 3 of our bathrooms. Thank you also for coming to our aid whenever our old pipes sprung a leak! 

-Stacie B

Thanks for all the work. You were professional in every step, and it was easy to trust you. I appreciate all the little fixes you did that weren't on the contract, and especially grateful for teaching me about how things work.

-Keith K


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